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Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
- Real name: Harold "Hal" Jordan
- Age: 26
- Species: Human
- Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps, Ferris Aircraft
- Base Of Operations: Coast City
- Occupation: Test Pilot
- Powers and abilities: Incredible will power, experienced hand-to-hand combatant;Use of power ring grants: Flight, Semi-invulnerability, Hard-light construct generation, Enhanced strength, Ability to understand all languages.
- Origin: Hal was the youngest of three brothers, his mother only showed interested on the other two brothers but Hal didn't care because his father was his real hero, a test pilot who worked for Ferris Aircraft. As a boy Hal had to deal with the greatest of his fears, the death of his father. It was a very hard time and Hal only had the support of his long time friend Carol. He decided that he would honor his father's memory by follow his footsteps and becoming a pilot, which as something that his family didn't approve. Years later Hal became the best test pilot in the country, Hal "Highball" Jordan. Nearby Earth, a Green Lantern Abin Sur was transporting Atrocitus, one of the galaxy's most wanted, but Atrocitus freed himself and made the ship crashland into Earth leaving Abin badly injured, before he died he sent his Green Lantern's ring with a message to find the next Green Lantern of the Sector 2814. Hal was the chosen, and unwillingly rocket to space and travel to Oa, the Green Lantern Corp HQ. Hal spend six months in Oa being trained by Sinestro and Kilowog until he won the right to wear the lantern on his chest and he became the Green Lantern of Earth.
The Flash (Barry Allen)
- Real name: Bartholomew Henry Allen
- Age: 26
- Species: Human
- Affiliation: CCPD, STAR Labs
- Base Of Operations: Central City
- Occupation: CSI
- Powers and abilities: Connection to the Speed Force that allows him to run at speeds well beyond the speed of light, with numerous practical and offensive secondary applications
- Origin: Barry Allen spend all his life running from bullies but he always had his mother there to help him, but one night Barry saw his mother surrounded by red and yellow lightnings and suddenly he was a mile away from his home. When the boy arrived home he saw CCPD taking his father and his mother dead on the ground but he new that with wasn't his father. Barry's father, Henry, was sent to prison and Barry went to live with Joe West and his family. Barry never gave up on finding his mother's killer so he went to work at CCPD as a CSI, secretly working on his mothers case but he couldn't find anything, until the night that Darwin Elias's Particle Accelerator, Barry was struck by a lightning at the same time and placed in coma for 9 months and when he woke up he discovered that he had super speed. With the help of doctor Elias he built a suit. Now it his powers Barry realized that his mother's killer had the same powers and now everything his more clear for him to find the man in the lightning. Meanwhile, he could save the people of Central City, watch over the city like a guardian angel and saving them in a Flash.
Wonder Wonder (Diana of Themyscira)
- Real name: Diana of Themyscira
- Age: 25
- Species: Amazon
- Affiliation: D.E.O's HQ
- Base Of Operations: New York 
- Occupation: Special Agent
- Powers and abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance, and reflexes; Flight; Master hand-to-hand combatant; Utilizes indestructible bracelets, the Lasso of Truth, a weaponized tiara and a magical sword.
- Origin: Princess Diana is the daughter of the Queen Hyppolyta of Themyscira, the paradise island ruled by the amazons, born from a miracle of the Gods of Olympus. When Diana was only a child a plane crashed down nearby the island a the only survivor was a young boy named Steve Trevor. She knew that if the others amazons knew of the boy's existence they would kill him since men were not allowed on the island. The boy stay there hidden for eight six years, they developed a crush for each other. When Diana was fighting with one of her sisters, Artemis, in the arena Steve was watching from safe distance and when Artemis was about to finish Diana, Steve trows a rock into her, revealing himself. Queen Hyppolyta had no other choice but send the boy back home to the USA. A few years later, the amazons needed to see what was going on the man's world since they heard from the gods that they were developing new weapons and they wanted to see what was going on that mysterious island, so the Queen decided to send her best warrior to the men's world. Diana disguised herself and fought with everyone of her sisters until she was the last standing and her mother had no choice but to sent were daughter. Diana first move when she arrived to the USA was to search for Steve, but when she was walking on the street a car that was being chase by the police was going to crash into her but she lifted the car with her super strength and trow it away. Diana was then taken by the D.E.O because of  her super-human powers and was there that she found Coronel Steve Trevor, and he asked if she wanted to work it him and she dressed up her new armor and accepted the job under the code name: Wonder Woman.
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
- Real name: Bruce Wayne
- Age: 28
- Species: Human
- Affiliation: Wayne Enterprises
- Base Of Operations: Gotham City
- Occupation: Businessman
- Powers and abilities: Genius-level intellect; Peak human physical and mental condition; Master martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant; Master detective; Utilizes high-tech equipment and weapons.
- Origin: Bruce Wayne was born from two of the most wealthiest families in Gotham City. At the night of Bruce's eighth brithday, a man tried to kidnap him but Bruce's father, Thomas, didn't let him and fought the man but he shooted both Thomas and Martha Wayne leaving Bruce with his dead parents alone in the alley. Thomas left a pre request saying that Bruce would stay with his friend Alfred Pennyworth in case that something might happpen to him and his wife. Bruce would be traumatized the death of his parents so when he finished the high school, he decided to start a journey around the world and leave Gotham for years. Bruce would train with boxer Ted Grant, the illusionist Giovanni Zatara, the manhunter and detective Henri Ducard, a ninjutsu master Kirigi, a professional assassin David Cain and a the leader of a league of assassins Ra's al Ghul. After eight years away from home, Bruce returned but he didn't return the same, he was darker. He bought a penthouse right in the middle of Gotham City because the Wayne Manor gave him too much bad memmories. No one knew Bruce's real reason to come back, besides Alfred, he was now ready to start his one man crusade against crime, starting with the man that killed his parents. After many research and with the help of Detective James Gordon, Bruce discover the man was Joe Chill, a low life thug. Before going after Chill, Bruce remembered a lesson that one of his masters taught him, to strike fear into his enimies hearts so he decided that Chill would feel the same way that he felt when he killed his parents, so Bruce decided mask himself as a bat because bats were his worst fear when he was a boy and now Chill would share that fear. Bruce ask his friend Lucius Fox for some military equipment from Wayne Enterprises, with that he built a suit and put a bat logo on it. Later when Bruce was ready to kill Joe, he remembered that if he killed him, he would be just like him so he let him in the doors of GCPD with enough evidence the arrest him. Bruce continued his crusade becoming known as a urban, The Batman.
Superman (Clark Kent)
- Real name: Kal-El (Earth name: Clark Joseph Kent)
- Age: 27
- Species: Kryptonian 
- Affiliation: Daily Planet
- Base Of Operations: Metropolis
- Occupation: Reporter
- Powers and abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, intelligence, senses, endurance, and longevity; Flight; Heat vision; Freezing breath; Extrasensory and visual powers, including; X-ray vision; Invulnerability
- Origin: Jor-El was one of the Planet Krypton's best scientists and he was aware of his planet's explosion so he tried to warn the Kryptonian Council but they didn't listen to him. Jor-El decided that if he couldn't save the planet he would at least save is family, his wife Lara-Lor Van and his 3 years old son Kal-El. However, the time was running out and Jor-El was only able to build a escape-ship large enough for one person, for Kal-El. The parents decided to sent his son to the Planet Earth, where the natives where very physically similar to kryptonians but with the yellow sun energy and Earth's atmospher Kal would be gifted with amazing powers being even considered a god. They put him inside the ship and wave him goobye as the planet exploded behind them. Kal landed on a corn field in Kansas, nearby Smallville, and was found by a couple of farmers, Jonahtan and Martha Kent. They adopted Kal as their own son and gave him the name Clark Kent. The boy grew up and his adoptive parents taught him how to use his powers responsibly. Sooner he finished his studies he moved to Metropolis to use his powers to help the others, like his parents taught him. He used a blue t-shirt with an "S" looking logo on his chest along with a red cape. And because of that logo the Daily Planet decided to named him Superman.


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